Current Activities for the Month of  August 2016

New Custom Paint Projects for several Bike Stores in Ontario with  private labelling Programs

Customer sent email and pictures from Austria with his built-up   Yehti  Mountain Bike, which we repaired last year, this bike had a  cracked damaged  rear stay bottom bracket area of frame. 

Several Bikes inside our Paint and Re finishing Facility in Oakville which is temperature controlled where we bake frames after each primer and paint applicaitons at 55C for 24 hours to ensure proper paint adhesion. 

Several Cervelo Repairs on the down tube repaired carbon in the area, paint matched and added decals with a clear coat application for a professional seamless finish

Raven Mountain Bike repaired top tube, added decal for this repair on a flat black carbon Raven Mountain Bike Frame, 

Repaired a Expensive Mountain bike broken Seat post completely broken in two pieces,  we repaired the seat post and customer feedback was received as follows, " I wanted to let you know that my bike has been working really well, It's seen hard riding since being fixed and it feels good as new. " I really appreciate that you did not give up on it and for all the extra work to get it right, thank you very much."

Working now with A/D Bikes from Maine USA on all carbon repairs for this bike company promoting products across North America

Bianchi Top tube crack repair we added carbon fiber and nano epoxy and paint matched the repaired area ready for decal application and final clear coat for a customer from Niagara on the Lake.