Our Story at CarbonWork

I first started cycling over 7 years ago. I was an avid runner but needed something that had less of a pressure repetitive impact on my bones and joints.

So I turned to cycling. My first bike was as small folding bike which I would ride North on 6th line in Oakville. A lot of cyclists would look at me as if I was crazy, they would pass me by so quickly but I was cycling for fun and enjoyment. I finally then purchased my first road bike, a Specialized Sectuer bike, more of a comfort road bike built on an aluminum frame with carbon forks. What a difference from my small folding bike. The distances increased as well as my speed. I then won a Ferrari Road bike and used that as an early winter and late spring ride to get used to the cold weather riding. 

The next road bike is the reason why I decided to have Carbon Work focus on the road cycling industry. Yes, this S-Works Tarmac SL3, was a real flyer but when I received it in January, three years ago, I was so eager to get on the bike that one day, as I tried to mount the bike, I slipped and fell directly on the top tube, and heard a big noise and then realized a large crack had formed.  I was so sad, disappointed and realized that at CarbonWork we were involved in manufacturing after market high end automotive carbon parts, as well as motorcycle carbon aftermarket parts. I asked the question to myself, can we fix this bike, and yes we did, you can actually see the before and after pictures of the road bike in the picture gallery on the Carbon Work web-site.  We worked on the repair and we also wanted to showcase the actual carbon fiber weave that we applied to the top tube which would make my bike unique and absolutely stunning to look at. Since then we have been repairing thousands of carbon road bikes, wheel sets, and accessories for the cycling industry both Mountain and Road Bikes throughout North America.

I am still riding my S-Works Tarmac and have over 7000 km on it covering a lot of distances, such as the large climb and descent of rattle snake point, many hills and descents across Ontario.  You can check my status with Strava, still riding strong. This bike is a missile and I have full confidence in riding this bike since I know the repair is as good as when the bike was first manufactured at the factory.

My mission at CarbonWork is to help my fellow cyclists repair any carbon fiber road bikes, wheelsets and accessories so that they can get back on the road and enjoy the freedom that I feel every time I get on my S-Works Tarmac with full confidence.

Ride Strong and Safe

Regards, Anthony Silvestri

Business Development Manager, CarbonWork