It’s not enough for a bicy­cle to be beau­ti­ful: it also has to look amazing as well. 

All of our Custom Paint Projects are hand painted and, as a result, everyone is unique. Your bicy­cle is painted by the same crafts­men who paint frames for the pro­fes­sional rid­ers of Pro-Continental Race Teams across North America. 

Our Custom paint finish is very detailed and precise; all are the result of the painstaking skill of our paint team.

The paint process starts with masking tape and thread protectors to keep paint out of the parts of the frame where none is needed. Then, we apply a layer of special aerospace primer that helps the outer lay­ers bond to the car­bon fiber. The detail paint process is noted below in detail:


  1. Sanding and removing the old remaining paint finishes

  2. All hand sanding on all custom colour paint projects

  3. Apply an epoxy primer for the new paint to adhere to the frame

  4. We inspect frame and repair areas of dent and any pit filling as required to ensure a seamless finish

  5. We apply a second epoxy coat primer and place frame in autoclave at 55 Degrees C

  6. We apply 1st coat PPG Aerospace Paint to the colour specifications of our customers’ requirements

  7. We cure frame for 24 hours

  8. We apply 2nd coat PPG Aerospace Paint to the colour specifications of our customer’s requirements

  9. We cure for another 24 hours

  10. We email pictures to our customers to ensure that the colour match has met their expectations

  11. We then apply laser cut decals, stickers, and additional colours, crests, stripes, flags, personal names, to the frame as specified by our customers

  12. We then email pictures to customer and request approval of all decal, stickers, stripes, flags, and personal names,  prior to the clear coat stage

  13. We then apply 1st Aerospace PPG Clear Coat with high UV Resistance and apply several coats over the decals and stickers, names, flags stripes

  14. We then apply 2nd clear coat and cure for 24 hours

  15. We then apply 3rd and last clear coat and cure for 24 hours

  16. Frame is then sent to inspection department to verify that the frame has met customer’s detailed specifications

Throughout the whole custom paint projects, we provide our customers with weekly engineering Gantt charts. These charts provide current and future activities; linked to target dates. This is to ensure that we provide our customer with information of where their frames are within the paint process every step of the way.