Current Activities for the month of June 2016

Completed custom paint projects, on Specialized Red Custom Paint Project, with custom decals applied as instructed by client

Several carbon repairs with rear stay damage, we now offer to paint both rear stays to match the repair areas perfectly, and seamlessly for a professional finish.

Several clients requesting a raw carbon repair which takes less than 5 -7 days so that they can get back on the bike and will return the bike at the end of the season to proceed with blending in the repair for a professional finish

A customer emailed me us a picture of his Colnago CLX that we repaired the top tube earlier this year, already rode 4000k and he is very grateful riding strong indeed. 

S-Works Frame painted and factory decals applied, another completed custom paint project for June 2016

Several automotive and cycling customers requesting Hydro-graphic print option for their after market automotive parts and carbon bike frames.

Metal frames are coming back, we are bead blasting and powder coating several classic metal frames for our clients across North America.